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DARKK Eyewear Buffalo Horn Collection: (Dieter Saxer)

Design is a fascination - a feeling, a mood and an inspiration to transform object reality within reach. Creating a product filling you with enthusiasm.

Staff PicksDesign is the expression of your individual personality and creativity. Design grows with each phase; the idea, the draft, the development. The aim is to develop spectacles underlining your personality. Spectacles are like a smile, living through your features, your moods and your frame of mind.

Spectacles thrilling you by a reserved understatement and let you be yourself. You want everything ­ one melting together of a timeless, innovative design, aesthetics and an optimal comfort of wearing ­ we have no willingness to compromise! It is our responsibility to discern your desires and demands and fulfill your expectations. And for me, that exactly is Markus T. deSIGN Eyewear.

Their frame styles are phenomenal. They allow the wearer to be seen as a modern, confident, and out going individual.

In today’s tough work environment, these three qualities play a significant role in first impressions. There are suitable styles for both business and casual attire. Colour selection is both extensive and vibrant.

(Natasha Prakash)

Nowosad Designworks company began its activity at the beginning of 2007.

The company is growing thanks to the small team of energetic and creative specialists who represent different areas of technical, clothing, optical and art knowledge. Except its own selected and limited production Nowosad Designworks can also make eyeglasses and sunglasses to special and personal order.

The Nowosad Designworks glasses are unique, brave and futuristic design as well as top quality of realization.

Novosad is experimenting with different materials - steel, acetate, textiles, natural materials etc. The avant-garde collection of sunglasses from “Slav Nowosad” is the pride of the company and perfectly shows their unconventional approach to designing and producing all kind of glasses.


Nowosad Designworks will surprise you more and more by extraordinary and creative projects which we hope will give you boundless joy and satisfy your expectations.


For Slav Nowosad the word “impossible” doesn’t exist...