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“Fine Eyewear” at Strozzi’s Eyewear consists of only a few, selected international top brands: Collections, which set the tone and establish trends in the world of eyewear again and again. All models in the eyewear collections are selected at international trade fairs and can only be found in such a wide selection at Strozzi’s Eyewear.
Brand names,
Such as DARKK Eyewear, TD Tom Davies, Markus T., Emilio Pucci, Eye'DC, Booth & Bruce, Aska, LY Eyewear, Kisura, as well as their own Natural Buffalo Horn Collection. All have one thing in common– they all foster the culture of eyewear with a simple, stylish, and timeless design.

Buffalo Horn,
Is used as the basis of the exquisite craftsmanship, which can be seen in the Natural Horn Collection. The lightweight material of horn allows for glasses to be barely felt on the nose. The warm, soft natural tones of this skin-friendly material suit any face perfectly.

Nowadays a side-product, was used not so long ago to manufacture not only innumerable articles for daily use, but especially glasses, until it was gradually replaced by cheaper plastics. Only a mere handful of craftsmen, former comb-makers, are still familiar with the crafting of horn today. Horn is carefully selected to produce horn plates, which are meticulously processed with a finely honed tactile sense, and then made into various articles.

New designs,
In the world of eyewear are presented at the two most important international trade fairs in Milan and Paris every year. Keep an eye on this section called “Trends”, for Strozzi’s Eyewear will provide you with insight on what men and women will be wearing in the upcoming season.

The 70’s and 80’s have made a comeback. Shapes are large and intense: square or wider towards the bottom of the frame. Pilot glasses in a contemporary style, double-bridged glasses, and those with the sidepiece attached at the bottom of the frame are now “in”.


In Plastic:
Transparent frames as well as subdued yellows and browns in various tones have also made a comeback. Glasses designed with multi-layered laminated materials in black, transparent or warm shades of horn are still very fashionable.
In Metal: Soft, warm shades of gold combined with wide-rimmed models, but also black, anthracite, aubergine and reddish-brown glasses are en vogue.

Self-awareness is today’s fashion statement: Trendsetters are either the large, wide-rimmed plastic frames or the rimless, filigree frames with large lenses and graduated colors.