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Information and latest developments for Contact lenses – today's freedom!

Your eyes are the most important of the five senses; they provide you with 90% of all sensory impressions. Contact lenses provide considerable advantages over glasses for professional and leisurewear:Contct Lens

  • Contact lenses do not limit the field of vision
  • Contact lenses provide more confidence and freedom of movement
  • Contact lenses do not fog up 
  • Contact lenses allow for natural vision and appearance

    Because each eye is unique, there is no standard type of contact lens. Contact lenses must be selected according to individual needs and life style.

Rigid gas-permeable Contact lenses
Most types of vision problems can be optimally corrected with these contact lenses. They are easy to care for and the most durable, and therefore have the greatest longevity of all types of contact lenses.

Soft Contact lenses
A distinct feature of soft contact lenses is how readily the eye tolerates them. Losing a lens is practically impossible. Soft contact lenses are ideal for all types of sport activities; i.e. swimming, soccer, climbing and a lot more indoor and outdoor activities.

Frequent replacement Contact lenses – the new alternative
Used contact lenses are replaced with new, hygienic prescription contact lenses according to a predetermined individual replacement schedule (14 days - 1 month). This limits the care of the lenses and aids in avoiding any problems with deposit build-up or overused lenses.

1-day Contact lenses
Disposable lenses are an ideal supplement to conventional lenses for specific activities, such as sport, allergies or for safeguarding your other lenses while on holiday. Because they are changed every day, the use of special solutions for lens care is not necessary.

Coloured Contact lenses
Ranging from a natural, discrete change in color to "Fancy Lenses" – the cosmetic alternative to transparent lenses.

Bifocal or Multi-focal Contact lenses
Thanks to new technology and further development in contact lens design, there are now various options available to optimally suit your individual needs and life style.
Extended-wear Contact lenses
Contact lenses that go where you go: Night and Day.